Acceleration in Times of Uncertainty

In 2018 / 2019 we partnered with a business incubator in building capacity of 600 companies. We focused on building internal capacity through behavior change as well as installing a process to enable the businesses execute their strategies through the 4 Disciplines of Execution.

4DXOS is an award winning operating system that makes the getting-business results habitual. Some of the comments from the business owners were:

1. The process provided clarity on the company's priorities
2. A clear process for aligning teams to these priorities
3. Establishing a framework for accountability
4. Creating visibility to performance.

The Outcomes

We customised The Franklin Covey 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) approach to reach our client's desired outcomes.

What are the 4DX? Here's a brief overview.


Improving the Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness of the Business Leader


A weekly process to track the performance of the business plan objectives


Enabling business owners to run the weekly execution cadence for their teams


Providing group coaching to participants to reinforce and sustain the learning

Sustainable Solutions. Actionable results.