Ignite the Entrepreneur in you

New and growing business have a wealth of untapped potential. CEMM partners with Entrepreneurs to bring out the best of your business.

Unique approach. Incredible results.

We help Founders and their teams succeed in areas that are critical to the success and longevity of new businesses.

With expertise in team formation, idea generation, investment advisory and more, we help you make the changes you want to see in society.

Whether you are starting or expanding your business, CEMM will help you find the roadmap to a successful journey.

Our Partners

CEMM is the Sole licensee/Partner of Franklin Covey International in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Togo.

Areas of Expertise
Sales Performance
Customer Loyalty
Personal Productivity
Executive Coaching
Business Advisory
For New Founders
Starting a new business can be extremely difficult. It doesn't have to be. We give you the benefit of wisdom and efficient work practices without having to hire an entire department of experts.

We help Founders and their teams to succeed in the critical areas of:
- Forming Teams
- Generating Ideas
- Market Identification
- Executing your business priorities, and more
We use the Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE) process and Personal Effectiveness suite to partner with you to make visible the changes you want to see in society.
For Growing Businesses
For businesses that have sustained themselves and are looking to expand, we offer business and transaction advisory services such as:
- Organizational capacity services utilizing professional services in accounting, auditing human resources management, legal, enterprise resource planning, and more.

- Advisory services customized to the needs of capital seekers such as: due diligence, financial analysis, business modelling, opportunity validation, market analysis, and more.

- Matching of investment ready firms to appropriate investors.

- Investment aftercare services once a deal is closed to implement conditions of disbursement, capture of financial returns, measurement of impact and reinvest capital.

How It Works


Schedule a consultation with our team for free. We'll help articulate your problem and determine whether we are the right fit.


We will co-create a solution and plan the next steps for training. Get a custom-made plan to tackle your unique problems in unique ways.


Growth takes time. Unlike singular seminars that are soon forgotten, our training is ongoing. We adjust to your progress and keep track of your amazing results.

See our solutions in action

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Types of Training

We believe that a well-trained workforce achieves more than a big budget or automated process. Through nurturing and guidance, we can help you transform your people into top performers.

In-Person Workshops

Our excellent team of facilitators is ready to connect with your workforce, bringing engaging and impactful lessons with immediate results.

Online Courses

Move at your own pace with our online seminars. No matter where you are or what time it is, our insight and training are available.


Do you prefer the office, Zoom, or your favourite coffee shop? Get quality time with our team in a place where you feel comfortable.

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